Custom Order Process

IMPORTANT NOTE: My whimsical pet portraits are not photo-realism. The idea with this "caricature" or "cartoon-ish" style is to exaggerate certain features for a cute or comical effect. Each one is drawn from my own interpretation of the subject. When you purchase a custom caricature, you are purchasing your pet as seen through the eyes of Allison Cantrell.


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The Process:

Ordering - The process begins with you ordering a drawing. I take orders in batches and announce the when orders are "open" via my newsletters and social media pages. So keep an eye out! When orders are open you can place your order directly through my website - HERE

Getting to know your dog - Once you place your order you can email me at or reach out to me through Instagram if you use that platform (I personally prefer using instagram messages). You can send a variety of photos that you feel best capture your dog's spirit and personality. We will discuss your favorite poses and expressions that commonly define your pup. Is he happy and always smiling with a tongue hanging out? Does he sleep all day long and give you the side eye if you wake him? Does he have a weird sitting posture that you love? Any favorite toys you want me to incorporate?

Initial sketch - Everyone is sent and initial sketch of their dog. This is a rough draft. This is the part in the process where we can work together to make sure you'll have an end result we are both happy with. The rough sketch will allow you to see the basic shape and posing as well as the expression that I plan for your dog.

The drawing - I am an artist and I do my best work when allowed a certain level of artistic freedom. Once we have the initial draft approved I will take it and do what I do best! I sometimes send progress photos because I know how much customers love to see every step. 

Approval - Once the drawing is complete I will email it to you for approval. Once it is approved any of the remaining balance will be billed. If you are wanting things changed then that is addressed on a case by case basis. Additional fees can apply depending on how much you want changed.

Shipping - Drawings are packed flat between cardboard and layers of bubble wrap and shipped via USPS Priority mail.  Each one is insured and you'll be sent tracking information. If you want me to require a signature for delivery then please let me know!